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Our First Project

Miracle 5 Bikes is India's First Electronic Bike with Telescopic Suspension, and performs beyond ones expectation.


Sit back for a moment and take a look at your business. How can you create a marketing campaign that blends the visual experience with the audio one?

We become part of the experience and as such, we define the experience for ourselves and everyone else who is viewing.The same is true for any event, whether it's on air, live, or on the big screen.Think about offering something people will want to participate in again and again.

We are engaged in providing highly specialized result oriented advertising solutions to our clients. Our team of highly skilled and talented personnel helps our customers by providing innovative marketing and branding services. We offer reliable and effective solutions enabling effective audio and visual communications with the target audience.Communication by visual image is easily the most important dimension of an advertising message. Even in a medium like radio, the images produced by the listener still carry an important function.

Visual recall is becoming increasingly important, and corporate symbols and advertising will need to be stronger and eye-catching to capture consumer attention.


How can you encourage your community members to spread your message for you and have fun while doing it? Think about the power of advertisement and worry less about trying to get new customers.

In response to dramatic increase of demand for radio and refrigerator, home electronics business owners became one of the dominant advertisers in this period, as were food marketers. Of course, our indispensable necessities for everyday life, such as clothing, food, and drinks, which were not much sensitive to the changes of economic condition. Effective advertising comes from good planning, good budgeting, a long-term commitment, and a lot of work. You need great ads that get results. And you need to keep them in front of your customers for the long term.